Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Crack open the Dom Pérignon, FINALLY, it's here. Its hard to really explain how relieved I am that this record has arrived and looks as good as intended. It must be said, Gotta Groove Records did a fantastic job handling all pressing and printing aspects of The Zingers LP and made the process as easy as possible.

The Zingers fulfil on delivering  their high end "modern classic"punk record and leaving in a cloud of ambiguity. Instead of adhering to a familiar posse, they intend to create a new and entirely artificial environment and wrap it up in an utterly bizarre production. Menacing and maniacal, yet deft and fetching, the hook has been baited and thrown. Million Dollar Records is proud to finally have this record in Australia.

The record will be appearing in various record stores and distros over the next couple of weeks including Distort, No Patience and Eternal Soundcheck. I will also be selling records on my discogs page for the time being http://www.discogs.com/seller/milliondollar

All inquiries, customers and distros, please contact milliondollarrecs@gmail.com

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