Monday, 8 December 2014


Well shit, its been a while. This time last year I was milling on why you should buy a Zingers LP, this time I’m proud to announce that Million Dollar Records has its second release in the works. BRANDO’S ISLAND self-titled EP is currently at the pressing plant and should be ready to go late January and be available early February.

Born in Melbourne, purveyors of frantic vibraphone addled synth punk, but that’s selling it short. Desperate offerings of contemporary mutant pop music, inhabiting in a nebulous state, transcending in a world of shit. Compulsive rhythms complimented by ravings bordering on excessive, examining the excessive nature of contemporary consumer culture and mass reproduction. The four members of Brando’s Island foray into the unknown and find a method in madness. The result is a beautiful A and B-side debut 7”, offerings unbound with limitations. March to the new beat, this is “soul music for progressive minds”. 

Brando's Island is made of members of past Australian bands, the likes of The Zingers, Chrome Dome, Castings, Pathetic Human, Flat Fix, Velvet Whip.

Below is footage of "Auto Warfare" from Brando's Island's show at the Croatian Club in Newcastle, NSW, on the 5th of October, 2014. Big thanks to Cooper Bowman for capturing this, and doing so while I was completely unaware. It was hot.

Art by Bryce Sweatman and Isaac Challis
Watch this space for more information in the coming month

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